New Year, New Something

So, here we are in a new year. 2017. It’s that time where we all start out our resolutions with grand enthusiasm. Some of us are able to keep it up, while the rest lose the stamina or motivation. The point is the idea is there, the want to be better at something, or start something new. When I think about how or why we give up, it reminds of any day of my life. It doesn’t need to be a new year for me to know what I want, but the thought of a timed goal helps, so I am not against that either.

For me, it all comes down to this: If we want it, we must work for it.

I didn’t exactly come up with this saying, but I’d like to believe that I can learn from it.

I haven’t posted in quite sometime. Lack of motivation plus certain life circumstances kept me away. There are other factors as well, but for now I’d like to keep that to myself.

Here’s what the rest of 2016 looked for me:

  • I turned 32.
  • I became a redhead….again. I don’t know how much longer I plan to stay this way.
  • The summer lasted longer than anticipated, and I loved it.
  • I went to my first CHICON (Supernatural Convention in Chicago)
  • I went to EYECON (One Tree Hill convention) and was part of a mannequin challenge. Never thought that would actually be a thing in my life.
  • After 3+ years at SalonCentric, I left and took a management position at Ulta Beauty. It has been a huge challenge so far, but I am learning and hopefully getting better at my job. I want to be great and worthy of my title there. Also, I am surrounded by makeup, so how could I not be happy in some sense? (LOL)

Do I have a list of resolutions for this year? No. I just want to be back.

Cheers to 2017. May this year treat us all well.





Running On Empty

As I sit here and binge the latest season of Scandal (I am soooo behind) with a mask on my face – Guac Star Soothing Avocado Hydration Mask from Farmhouse Fresh – I thought to myself that I need to update.

Here are my thoughts:

  • I wish I loved wine. Olivia Pope makes it look so good, but I despise it.
  • I am a year older, so now what?
  • My motivation this year is almost at zero percent.

I am trying to better. I am.

I came to conclusion last week as I was approaching thirty-two. I want to do too many things, and don’t know how to do them. I won’t go and list them, mainly because some things I like to keep to myself, and some are too repetitive. I guess I can say some of it comes down to “if you want change, then change”, and others are only out of my reach until I can prove myself and attain them.

Even if I can’t get everything I want now, doesn’t mean tomorrow is not a new day.

What keeps you motivated? I am dying to know.


Review: Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

Everyone has their little things that they enjoy. They can seem silly to others, but to you, it’s this tiny joyous moment in life that makes you scream internally and externally. It makes you smile this dopey smile. It’s a feeling no one can take away. For me, that’s swatching my new makeup for the first time. Now mind you, I also have the tiniest bit of dread before doing so, just because it’s so perfect and pristine. Once you’ve touched it, that’s over.

Back to the fun part. To me, there’s nothing like swatching new makeup. To see its color, its texture, its all around formula. It’s a heavenly thing to me. I get heart eyes and everything.

On May 26th, the online release of the new Becca Cosmetics compilation with Jaclyn Hill came out. And it’s all about the glow. Because let’s face it, Jaclyn is Queen of the Highlight. (YASSSSSSS QUEEN)

This is not exactly news though, is it? 🙂

Buttery, smooth, pigmented, and gorgeous as can be are some of the ways I’d like to start describing this here palette. I live for buttery, and we all know Jaclyn does as well!


Glow palette 2

The palette comes with three blush shades, and two highlight shades.

Let’s start with the blushes.


(I accidentally swatched them backwards from what the palette shows)

Pamplemousse- a matte mineral blush with a slight sheen to it. It’s a beautiful bright coral pink blush with a lot of pigment. I mean it. If you are going to apply any pressure into this shade with your brush, you better tap that excess off. It is easy to blend though, just in case it’s needed.

Amaretto- also has a sheen to it. This shade is amazing as a bronzer! If you are going for a summer, bronzed goddess look, this shade is perfect. Again, this is highly pigmented, and a little bit of this goes a long way.

RosĂ© Spritz- this is a highly appropriate name for this shade. It is rosy with luminous shimmer of gold packed into it. It’s perfect alone, or as a blush topper. IT IS A DREAM.

On to the glow…

Glow swatch 1

Champagne Pop- okay what can I even say about this that hasn’t been said already. I already own(ed) this since it’s launch last year. Unfortunately, it has barely survived being dropped and shatter in to pieces, just like my heart was when it happened. Anyway, this is the highlight of a lifetime. I have tried several, and Champagne Pop is the one that I have been able to wear whether I have pasty pale winter skin, or a summer tan (which is fake tan. Wear sunscreen, please!)

Prosecco Pop- Dis shade doe! Oh my goodness, this is what golden dreams are made of. Now, I am a bit too fair to wear this color alone, but mixed with Champagne Pop, or used as a shadow with a wet brush…sign me up every day.


photo from my Instagram @pashonistagrams

This was the look I created the first time I used the palette. Even on the eyes, which was actually done by a friend of mine.The lighting is natural lighting, so it looks soft and natural…ish.

Pros: very versatile and usable in daily makeup application, great for all skin tones, can be built to create more pigmented looks or used lightly for more natural looks, very good quality

Cons: it’s limited quantities, so get it while you can!

Right now, it is currently out of stock on Sephora’s website. The in-store launch is coming up on June 16. The price point is $52, which I think it well worth it considering the pan sizes.

QOTB: Who else has this palette, or plans on buying it? If you own it, what are your thoughts? 

I would love to know!

Keep on smiling!




Hey June, Don’t Make It Bad

Hey there! So, just a quicky update on the life of this here blogger:

I’m just going to start this off with being completely frank. May was kind of…awful? Every single day? No. But for the most part, I was begging for the month to end so I could feel new again. There were a couple personal reasons that I knew would only really take place in May. Other than that, it’s been because one of my dogs being sick (he’s all better!), and I as well (still have bronchial and sinus issues, going on week 6. And yes, I have been to my doctor…twice.)

Okay, I swear I didn’t set out to make this a pity party or anything. I promise. The reason for this post is just to let a reader know I am still here, and I still plan to make something of this place. I have some stuff on the horizon.

  • The end of June, I will post my first Faves of the Month!
  • I want to talk about my process of writing…and the lack thereof (lol)
  • A swatch and review on something I received from Sephora today. You can check out my Instagram if you’re curious 🙂

Some or all things might interest you, dear readers. I hope you stick around to find out!

Who else is ready for summer though? Swimming, outdoor adventures, BBQs! I am so looking forward to a few concerts I will be attending these next couple months. My birthday is in July, so I might do something fun for that too.

So, something else I would like to do with this blog is to end with a question for readers. I am curious to get to know people and what they think and like as well in relation to my posts.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

I look forward to your answers! Hope everyone has a fabulous start to their month!



The Intro

Alright. I am going to start this off as honest as possible. Here goes. I am awful at introductions.

There. That was it. It’s absolutely true that I am awful at putting together a sentence or sentences that will provide you with any sort of idea what you are getting yourself into. This isn’t English class, and I’ve got nothing anyway. What I am I supposed to say?

Hi, I am Ash. This is my blog….Read More »